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Under the Tile: Schluter Ditra Heat

Schluter Ditra Heat warms your feet!

Here at Campbell’s, we work with systems…. We have developed and researched systems for installing different types of tiles in a variety of applications, we have systems for business operations, Jami has a system for design meetings, and through trial and error, we perfect them until we know what works for us as a company. Under tile, radiant floor, heating systems are no different. We have tried multiple different types of heat mats, cable systems, and custom mat manufacturers throughout the years. About 4 years ago, we started installing the Ditra Heat Systems exclusively and we have never looked back. 

Schluter Logo

Anyone who knows us knows we bleed Orange, Schluter Systems has been one of the backbones of our installations since it was first introduced in the United States and we swear by it. We were unsure of the Ditra Heat System when it was first brought to us, as we were accustomed to having custom mats drafted and produced for each individual job. This caused delays due to production time and headaches when the mats were not correct or there were changes after the plan was drafted and put into production. The Ditra Heat Systems’ flexibility and warranty are what eventually won us over. This system provides reliable waterproofing, and it can be applied to any application: floors, shower floors, steam showers, even benches. As installers, we have the flexibility to adapt to the room and to any special requests of the client. And the cherry on the top is the warranty! When properly installed the warranty for Schluter Ditra Heat cannot be beat!

Schluter offers two types of thermostats, the programmable touchscreen thermostat and the programmable Wi-Fi thermostat that you can program from your phone. Nothing like being able to turn on your floor heat on the way home from skiing all day! 

As the days get shorter and cooler, your new heated floors will keep your tootsies nice and warm. We love Schluter Ditra Heat and we know you will too!